Stained Glass, Works of Light

For thousands of years, artists have found inspiration in glistening glass Stained glass has been one of the most widespread forms of painting since the times of the Renaissance. It has inspired the lives of the faithful through religious narratives in churches and cloisters, celebrated family and political ties in town halls, and even decorated the windows of private homes.

About the Exhibition

The Museu do Vitral is dedicated to remarkable works of glass art created by Portugal’s oldest and internationally renowned studio – Atelier Antunes.

The Museu do Vitral exhibition includes masterpieces in traditional stained glass, decorative panels, striking abstract art installations, original sketches, maquettes and a kaleidoscope of 400 colours of glass.


The great advantage glass artists have is that colour in glass remains true – it does not fade over time.

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Historically, stained glass is associated with religious and spiritual symbolism.

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Over time, new artistic movements brought extraordinary creative vision to the design of stained glass, adopted by the great masters such as Amadeu Souza-Cardoso and Júlio Resende.

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About the Artist

João Aquino da Costa Antunes is the last in line of a family of artists spanning three generations who have dedicated their lives to the art of stained glass.
João grew up playing with pieces of coloured glass in his father’s atelier, awakening his curiosity in the art. He then went on to learn all the techniques involved in this sophisticated form of pictorial expression. He graduated from Porto University’s Faculty of Fine Arts where he lectured in stained glass and mosaics for over 36 years.

About the Atelier

Atelier Antunes was founded in Porto in 1906. For over three generations the company produced notable works which can be seen throughout Portugal and around the world – including Thailand, America, Timor, Angola, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela and Australia.
We can contemplate these works, located around Porto, in Ildefonso and Congregados Churches, Lello bookstore and the Hotel Infante Sagres, among others.

“Stained glass is the only painting process which allows the passage of light. It’s the most difficult process as you have to paint the light.”

Prof. Dr. Pintor João Aquino da Costa Antunes


Adult: 8€
Includes a glass of Taylor’s Port
Junior (from 10 to 17 years old): 4€

Family Ticket

2 Adults & Children (from 10 to 17 years old): 20€

Groups & Events

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It’s more than an artistic journey involving many processes - these compositions are like gigantic glass puzzles - some taking more than two years to complete.”

Prof. Dr. Pintor João Aquino da Costa Antunes




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